A token developed for games that is much safer, transparent, and consistent.

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A revolutionary way of playing!

BETHERCHIP is an innovative project! Lately, because of the global pandemic COVID 19, every business had to adapt or reinvent itself to keep working. And this is the moment to provide much more safety and transparency within entertainment centers. Through blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and APIs, BETHERCHIP has come as a safe and effective method for gaming.

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Our project counts on the ERC-20 blockchain technology, a token that is fully directed to the market of entertainment and games.


We offer a solution for the entertainment field, with exceptional safety through blockchain and encryption technology.


Games offer more transparency to its customers after the registration of transactions available for checking through Etherscan.


The cryptocurrency market is not a matter of the future anymore. This technology is a reality present on the routine of thousands of people, facilitating negotiations, and providing more freedom for the users!

BETHERCHIP (BEC) is a token customized for games. Its revolutionary insight emerged from looking into the growth of one of the most impressive fields of the entertainment market.

We seek to bring through technology, safety, and transaction agility for all kinds of games, whether they are virtual or physical, with the conviction that we will be the key element for the growth of this area in the next years!

BETHERCHIP! For games, an answer, a solution. For users, much more safety and transparency, potentializing the services, making games more reliable and disseminating their practice.


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Our proposal is to adapt the gaming market to the new era of cryptocurrencies. This adaptation is fundamental for growth and an exponential unfolding of possibilities.

Tokens for games

Each gaming platform will have its own cryptocurrency, its own token. From this, it is possible to provide a high level of safety and much more options to the market.

Systems and APIs

We are adapting gaming platforms with APIs that connect people to the machines, games, and systems, all of this in a single place, making it transparent and efficient.


More and more, the reliability of gaming platforms will expand territories for this billionaire market, bringing more people to a market that is currently a tabu.

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The freedom that cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology provides have already revolutionized the way people relate with data and safety, and is entering people's routines exponentially, from basic purchases to sharing files with more safety.

This document seeks to clearly present BETHERCHIP's goal!

Wallet Staking

The staking technique is a new way to earn with a token, a method to generate passive earnings by encouraging users to hold on to their tokens to receive revenue.

The tokens stay in a Wallet Staking for some time, generating an Annual Percentage Yield (APY), bringing liquidity to the market, causing the value of the token to increase.


Safety and transparency of the Etherscan

Using very efficient encryption and blockchain technology, BETHERCHIP will have 100% of its transactions demonstrated via Etherscan, a complete and transparent report of everything that happens with the cryptocurrency. It is an ideal solution and an opportunity to elevate the gaming market to another level with full trust.